"In 1979, when the minimum wage was $2.90, a hard-working student with a minimum-wage job could earn enough in one day (8.44 hours) to pay for one academic credit hour. If a standard course load for one semester consisted of maybe 12 credit hours, the semester’s tuition could be covered by just over two weeks of full-time minimum wage work—or a month of part-time work. A summer spent scooping ice cream or flipping burgers could pay for an MSU education. The cost of an MSU credit hour has multiplied since 1979. So has the federal minimum wage. But today, it takes 60 hours of minimum-wage work to pay off a single credit hour, which was priced at $428.75 for the fall semester."

"The American idea of racial progress is measured by how fast I become white."

James Baldwin. (via theblacksophisticate)

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"We integrated schools but never integrated the curriculum"

Christopher Emdin (via yourpersonalcheerleader)


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"I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys."

Rudy Francisco, A Lot Like You (via alotlikeyouu)

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